Why Onestepinto?

Because we like exploring new places, creating memories, capturing moments through the viewfinder and pinning new places on our travel maps.

This is our photography project, one which frees us past the borders of our jobs, our address, or our routines. It is where we get creative, nostalgic, and inspired. It is in these words and feelings that we find the reason to “step into” new destinations every time.

Who are we?

Two individuals who make a good team. Alex is the geography guy, he rarely gets lost, optimises routes and is very good with directions. Raluca is detail-oriented, zips through guidebooks and blogs to find what she needs and remembers a lot of numbers. We are both into photography and have been photographing with a Fujifilm X-T1, Fujinon XF 16-55mm, f2.8 and Fujinon XF 55-200mm, f3.5 – 4.8 since late 2016. Prior to that, we mainly used a Nikon D7000.

We both grew up in Bucharest and moved to London in 2016. We use both as hubs for our travel adventures!

How do we travel?

We travel as light as we can. Our longest self-imposed challenge was travelling through Southeast Asia for almost 3 months using only hand luggage. Mission accomplished.

We are budget travellers. We organise our trips in advance and are on the lookout for good deals. We have full-time jobs, which means there’s a limited number of days we can take off work each year, so each of our trips is usually condensed into a week or two.

We walk as much as we can, we like getting around as the locals do as much as possible. And we are the crazy people getting up at 3 AM in Stockholm to see the first rays of the Nordic sun or freezing atop a hill on a windy day in Athens before the Parthenon lights turn on at night.

Have any other questions?

You can always drop us a line and we will gladly answer!